B.A.D./BattleBeasts rescheduled for EMERGE 20 on April 1st!



EMERGE 19: AFTERMATH saw some incredible matches but nothing put an exclamation point on the night like the match between four monsters of men pairing B.A.D against BattleBeasts!

The first round of the Tag Team match for the EMERGE Wrestling Tag Team championship was by far the biggest match of the card by mass. These four felt each other out early on but business really picked up when Chris Morrus was able to pick up The Mastadon J.D. Mariani and slam him down to the canvas! Moments later Yukon Mike took to the SKY, hurdling his body over the top rope and down to the Parkside Elementary Gym floor performing a front flip onto the other three competitors in the match!


This match resulted in a No-Contest which was just not acceptable for EMERGE Commissioner Christopher Lowe, who demanded that this match be rescheduled for EMERGE 20: OUTBREAK – Reach for the Sky! Saturday April 1, 2017. Doors open at 6pm with Belltime at 7pm! General admission is only $10!
Stay tuned to the EMERGE Wrestling Social Media as well as http://emergewrestling.com as we will be posting this opening match from the EMERGE 19 DVD absolutely FREE!!

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