Article Courtesy DSI Services

Justin Wells is a talented young man who loves to write about and make detailed illustrations of racecars, wrestlers and iconic cartoon characters. Through DSI’s Education and Enrichment program, Justin has the resources and professional staff supports to hone his skills and create opportunities where he can express himself through the printed word and various art mediums.

But his long-time dream is stepping into a professional wrestling ring and performing alongside his grappling heroes. To this end, Justin trains daily in the DSI Gym – practicing wrestling holds and maneuvers on a life-size replica of a would-be opponent. He also runs laps to increase his stamina.


“There is nothing in the world that I love more than professional wrestling,” said Justin, who sees himself training in top wrestling facilities someday despite having never set foot in a ring before.

However, Justin took, quite literally, that first step toward realizing his ultimate dream June 3rdwhen he was invited into the EMERGE Wrestling ring after a professional bout by one of his biggest heroes – Donny Idol. Donny, who was joined by fellow wrestling champion Ricky Ruckus, made an emotional call out to Justin to join them in front of a large and fervent Parkside Gym crowd which included Justin’s family.


Donny took the opportunity to explain to his fans that he knows what it’s like to have to work harder than most people to find success because of significant challenges. You see, Donny is a modest-sized man competing in a world where giants usually rule. But what he lacks in size he makes up for in agility, determination and showmanship.

“I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears and every ounce of love and passion I’ve got for this business for every single one of you (fans),” said an exhausted Donny Idol after having just dispensed of two significantly larger opponents.

And Justin Wells has met his challenges with equal determination – particularly with regards to his wrestling ambitions.


“Over the past four years I’ve been training very hard in the DSI Gym,” said Justin while clutching Donny’s championship belt – a symbol of hard work and success that Justin hopes to earn for himself someday. “I want to thank the people of DSI for helping me. I want to thank the clients and the supervisors for helping me.”

And Donny Idol and Ricky Ruckus are playing an instrumental role in helping Justin reach another personal milestone – competing in the ring with Donny and Ricky. As Donny Idol made the announcement, it was hard to tell who among the three was most excited.


“Trust me (Justin), you can do it and dreams do come true,” yelled Donny. “We can make you a wrestler for one night and come August 5th (at) DOWNTOWN THROWDOWN, you live your dream and you become an EMERGE superstar baby!


And with the instincts and drama of a seasoned wrestling professional, Justin announced the name he’ll be wrestling under August 5th.


“My name is Justin Well’s but I also have a nickname,” said Justin. “I grew up idolizing “The Rock” (professional wrestling legend). So my name (in tribute to ‘The Rock’) is none other than ‘The Tiger Rocky Jr.’!”


What followed was truly unforgettable – a packed gymnasium on their feet and chanting “Rocky”!

Justin Wells is Living “The Moment” – Following the announcement that Justin would be participating in Downtown Throwdown 3, he took a moment to pose with friends, family and the championship belt. Clockwise: Jailynn Wells, Valerie Murray, Dom Murray, Justin Wells, Phil Murray, Marcus Murray, and EMERGE wrestlers Donny Idol, and Ricky Ruckus. Downtown Throwdown is free to the public and will take place August 5th, downtown and 4th Street, Columbus Indiana.






For months the BattleBeasts have been trying to find themselves. Trying to find where they belong in the EMERGE Wrestling Tag Team Division.


Niki Mariani has been working diligently aligning the Midwest Monster Jacob Johns with her husband J.D. Mariani to form the BattleBeasts. The two have competed unsuccessfully for EMERGE Tag Team gold and unfortunately for Niki tensions between the two have already boiled over into a match on Saturday August 5th at EMERGE’s biggest show of the year, Downtown Throwdown 3.


Over the past several months in EMERGE Wrestling the two have been more focused on one-upping the other while trying to prove that they are the true dominant force of the BattleBeasts. At the same time also blaming fault for their lack of success in the EMERGE Tag Team division on their partner.







It’s true that great teamwork is required to win the coveted EMERGE Tag Team championships and the lack of teamwork is quite clear the BattleBeast’s BIGGEST downfall ever since the relaunch of EMERGE Wrestling.


Jacob Johns is claiming that he has been disrespected by JD Mariani. Since their dispute began the two have refused to compete together; opting to take on any and all challengers that dare step up to one of the monsters at their chance at EMERGE Wrestling exposure.


Once hearing J.D. Mariani was booked in singles competition the Midwest Monster demanded he get a chance to also prove himself. Before EMERGE 21 even kicked off the Midwest Monster along with Niki Mariani came out and demanded Casey Johnson to Livestream the preshow as Jacob Johns destroyed three unfortunate souls who were willing to step up to the plate.


The same evening at EMERGE 21 we saw Dakota Prodigy, who called into the EMERGE Livestream Card Reveal to step up to the challenge of the monster J.D. Mariani after hearing J.D. was still in need of an opponent. Reluctantly, Commissioner Christopher Lowe did grant this match and later wished he didn’t.


“You have to respect Dakota for taking the shot but we knew it was going to be a mauling. I was hoping Dakota would have escaped with the countout on the monster as he was very close, but as usual J.D. ended up taking his opponent out of the match with brute force. It was unfortunate to witness.” commented Commissioner Lowe when asked about putting the match together.


After not being booked against multiple opponents on EMERGE 21, like his tag team partner,  J.D. Mariani insisted to get a shot at doing the same thing that Jacob John’s did the month prior.


“He stormed our offices refusing to leave until we got the Commish to book it. J.D. insisted to not be outdone by Jacob Johns who was able to get the one-up on him a month prior.” explained J.T. Brannum, the Head of the Board of Directors who was hard at work at the EMERGE Offices.







As it appeared J.D. Mariani was about to achieve victory out stormed the Midwest Monster Jacob Johns who refused to allow J.D. to pick up the pinfall. The attack on Mariani was likely predicted by most following this feud closely, but let’s be honest there was not a soul in the building that could have stood in the way of the Midwest Monster on his way to the ring. Not even Niki Mariani, who is reportedly very upset about the recent development but intent on working things out between the two.


As a response to the recent Battle amongst these Beasts the match has been set once and for all. The BattleBeasts will be in singles competition AGAINST EACH OTHER to finally settle their differences in the ring which can be seen ABSOLUTELY FREE on AUGUST 5th in Columbus, Indiana! Seating begins at 4pm with a 5pm Bell Time. This show is a benefit for DSI. We expect a big turnout and hope to see you there!