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B.A.D set to rematch BattleBeasts at EMERGE 20



EMERGE 19: AFTERMATH saw some incredible matches but nothing put an exclamation point on the night like the match between four monsters of men pairing B.A.D against BattleBeasts!

Photos Courtesy EMERGE 19 DVD. On Sale April 1 – $10

The first round of the Tag Team tournament for the EMERGE Wrestling Tag Team championship was by far the biggest match of the card by mass. These four felt each other out early on but business really picked up when Chris Morrus was able to pick up The Mastadon J.D. Mariani and slam him down to the canvas! Moments later Yukon Mike took to the SKY, hurdling his body over the top rope and down to the Parkside Elementary Gymnasium floor performing a front flip onto the other three competitors!

This match resulted in a No-Contest which has just not been acceptable for EMERGE Commissioner Christopher Lowe, who demanded that this match be rescheduled for EMERGE 20: OUTBREAK – Reach for the Sky!

Saturday April 1, 2017. Doors open at 6pm with Belltime at 7pm! General admission is only $10!

Stay tuned to the EMERGE Wrestling Social Media as well as as we will be posting this opening match from the EMERGE 19 DVD absolutely FREE!!


With the help from the Hellfire Club and a number of weapons, Kenneth James came out victorious against Khris Kaliber in a Street Fight that will not be forgotten! After the match we saw the culmination of months of planning by Kristopher Ikon as the recently recruited ‘Diablo Loco’ made his way down to the ring to take off his mask and reveal himself as Joey Moore.

When asked to comment on why Moore decided to take off the mask the man formerly known as Diablo Loco replied,”They’ve been treating me like a cartoon character and I ended that tonight.”


“He is not a cartoon character, he does not need the mask.” assured manager Kristopher Ikon who seemed to be very accepting of these notorious actions of the man now known to EMERGE wrestling fans as Joey Moore.

Within seconds of his reveal Joey Moore took the liberty to then deliver a kick to the chin of Kaliber’s wife Karma sending the EMERGE wrestling fans into an uproar! Talk about a way to be initiated into the Hellfire Club!?! Obviously there should be consequences for these actions.


“Its not my fault she got into the ring. I put my foot up and she ran directly into it.”, said Moore in a post-show interview referring to Khris Kaliber’s wife, Karma, who was in the ring trying to deliver aid to Kaliber’s injured knee after his loss to Kenneth James.

Chi-Town Stretcher John Stratlin attacking Kaliber & Karma at EMERGE 18

In response to these ruthless actions Ricky Ruckus decided that he had seen enough and stormed the ring to make the save and put an end to the despicable ring takeover of the Hellfire Club. After clearing the ring Ruckus took to the mic to share his disgust with the actions that he had just witnessed.


Ricky Ruckus then went on to challenge all three Hellfire Club members to a 3 on 2 match against himself and Khris Kaliber set for April 1st, 2017 at Parkside Elementary. At EMERGE 20: OUTBREAK Ruckus will return to the ring for the first in almost a year!

This rift between Joey Moore and Ricky Ruckus seems to run very deep. When asked to comment on the challenge in front of him Moore responded by telling, “Ricky Ruckus, if you get in my way at all I am going to make sure that your career is over.”


EMERGE 20: OUTBREAK – Reach for the Sky

Parkside Elementary | 1400 Parkside Drive | Columbus, IN

April 1, 2017 | Doors 6PM – Bell 7PM | Tickets: $10



After two unsuccessful attempts to reclaim the EMERGE Championship, which was stripped from him by newly appointed Commissioner Christopher Lowe in January at Emergence Day, the question still remains as to whether or not ‘Poison’ Appollo Starr will be able to reclaim the Championship that he once held.


Photos courtesy the EMERGE 19 DVD. On Sale April 1 | $10

Our ringside commentator, Richey Stephens, was able to catch up with ‘Poison’ Appollo Starr as he left EMERGE 19. While exiting the locker room very dejected after being asked to comment on his loss, Starr told us, “I never make excuses, I’m not an excuse guy.”


There is no doubt that given the chance Appollo believes in his heart that he is going to take down the monster, while next time avoiding the Horrorscope (Zodiak’s Heart Punch), at all costs.


“I’m going to figure out a way to beat this man!“ Starr told Stephens just before leaving Parkside Elementary shortly after the Main Event without the EMERGE Championship around his waist.


So far Zodiak has had the winning record against Appollo Starr in the two EMERGE Championship matches pitting them against each other with Zodiak being the victor in both title matches. Only time will tell as to whether or not Appollo Starr will get another chance and find a way to defeat Zodiak and claim the EMERGE Championship; a title that originally took him years to contend for before winning it in May of 2016.



“The champ intends to exercise his 30-day window clause regarding the EMERGE Championship defenses. With the clause in his contract being upheld, Zodiak’s match against Lennox Norris will be a non-title match on April 1st at Parkside Elementary”, Commissioner Christopher Lowe stated at the EMERGE 20 Card Reveal Livestream on Facebook Live.


“If I fight Zodiak again, it’s going to be for the EMERGE Championship. I will not waste another opportunity.”, said the former challenger Appollo Starr.


Learn more at EMERGE 20 to see if ‘Poison’ Appollo Starr will ever get another chance to reclaim the EMERGE Championship as well as other additional updates on your favorite EMERGE stars! EMERGE 20 General Admission tickets are still available for $10!


EMERGE 20: OUTBREAK – Reach for the Sky | April 1, 2017 | Parkside Elementary | Columbus, IN | 1400 Parkside Drive | Doors Open 6pm; Bell Time 7pm! The EMERGE 18 & 19 DVDs will be on sale Saturday April 1st at the show!