The first thing I need to get out there: Thank you. Thank you to my fans, my family, my EMERGE family, to all the people I don’t even know for sending their support. Your calls, texts, cards, and messages of support mean the world to me. I can’t say thank you enough, and I’m sorry if I let anyone down. I try to be the guy that, no matter how banged up he is, no matter how broken, always goes out and gives 110% for you. Saturday night, all I had just wasn’t enough, and I apologize if I disappointed anyone.

Next, as much as I hate to, I have to address what happened both before and after my match against Kyle Maverick. I have no idea who blindsided me, and neither does EMERGE. Rest assured, a full investigation is being conducted. We WILL find out who did this, and if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make them pay.

That being said, however, whoever did it did a good job. Firstly, I have been diagnosed with a severely bruised trachea, aka a crushed windpipe. As such, I’m on vocal rest for the next couple weeks so as to not aggravate any damage to my voicebox. Secondly, and most importantly, the impact of the chair caused what’s commonly referred to as a “Hangman’s Fracture.” Basically, my neck was impacted in such a way that my C2 and C3 vertebrae collided, and the C2 cracked. In short, I have a broken neck. Thankfully, I’m not going to need surgery to repair it, but the doctor is putting my in-ring return in serious doubt, and without doubt I’ll need to take extended time off to get better.

My head, however, is held high. I have a great group of doctors behind me and I WILL recover. I WILL be back, better than I’ve ever been, and in the meantime, continue to support EMERGE! Commissioner Lowe and the Board have been amazing to me through this whole process, and until I’m back in that ring, keep showing these events your support and pack the house every month! Im not certain when I’ll be back but mark my words… I will be back in that ring come hell or high water. A broken neck won’t stop me. After all, all I do is win.




Commissioner Lowe’s statement regarding the attack on Donny Idol:

After consulting with Donny Idol and waiting for him to break the news about his condition following the attack on him at Payoff, I want to make a few points and reiterate EMERGE’s support for “The Main Attraction”:


1. We have no idea who attacked Donny. EMERGE security, Ricky Ruckus and myself quietly took a head-count backstage after the incident and no wrestlers or staff were missing.


2. WE ARE INVESTIGATING. Footage from inside Parkside Elementary was of little help, as the assailant was covered head-to-toe. We got a partial description of the vehicle the assailant jumped into, but no more.


3. Donny Idol will not compete until medically cleared to MY satisfaction. Too many times, I’ve allowed wrestlers to compete when they weren’t 100 percent. I’ve learned that guys like Idol have too much pride to say “no” to a fight. If they aren’t willing to do it, I’ll do it for them.


This past week has been the most difficult of my tenure as EMERGE Commissioner. I’ve got guys getting jumped at the office, guys getting jumped before and after matches and directly affecting championship bouts and I’ve got one guy ready to tear apart wrestlers, backstage personnel, and even fans as we try to piece together who attacked his best friend.


This stops now.       


I want to personally apologize to Donny Idol and his fans for what happened this past Saturday night. I apologize to all of the EMERGE fans who paid to see a one-on-one Outbreak Championship bout. This should have never happened.

More to come….