Dakota Prodigy Challenges while Alister Wilde seeks destruction




Referee Joshua Gatton holding off wrestling veteran Dave Davidson as Dakota Prodigy accepts the Open Challenge (Photo courtesy: EMERGE 20 DVD On Sale May 6th)

After months of anticipation and hundreds of professional wrestling matches across the nation Dave Davidson finally made his way to Parkside Elementary for EMERGE Wrestling in Columbus, Indiana issuing an open challenge to anyone brave enough to step “into his ring” at EMERGE 20.

Leaving the EMERGE crowd guessing as to who would come through the curtains and accept Davidson’s challenge the fans were stunned to see another relative newcomer in EMERGE, Dakota Prodigy step up and take on the veteran that is Dave Davidson. It didn’t take long for Prodigy to possibly realize he bit off more than he can chew, but to his credit he did not go down quickly and not without a fight.

After the conclusion of the Dave Davidson Open Challenge we saw the returning Alister Wilde who appeared that he may be on a personal mission against Dakota Prodigy. Alister looked intent on destroying the man who Davidson had  left defenseless in the ring. Fortunately, our EMERGE security staff was able to resolve the situation leaving Prodigy to crawl his way to the back.

No one in the locker room is quite sure what sparked this rage out of Alister Wilde but it seemed to be a very unprovoked attack and we will be investigating further into these matters. At the moment we can only speculate that Alister Wilde was looking to make a statement in EMERGE and Dakota Prodigy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is no doubt that if there is an opportunity available that Dakota Prodigy is one to capitalize on them. But you really must question the recent events that transpired on the EMERGE Livestream early in the month. Commissioner Lowe did not yet have an opponent for The Mastadon J.D. Mariani. After hearing this live on the air Dakota Prodigy called in to the EMERGE Livestream line and requested that the Commissioner book him in this match for EMERGE 21: BLOWBACK!

After it turned out that J.D. Mariani needed an opponent Prodigy optimistically stated, “Anytime there was going to be an opportunity to prove myself then I will take that opportunity. I want to make an opportunity of picking myself back up.”

Although it is quite a size mismatch and he was reluctant to do so Commissioner Christopher Lowe finally granted Dakota Prodigy the match against The Mastadon JD Mariani which will take place Saturday May 6th at Parkside Elementary! Doors open at 6pm and Bell Time is 7pm! Tickets are only $10

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