Donny Idol to take on Ricky Ruckus in Street Fight





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For eleven months, the fans of EMERGE have been drug into a whirlwind of events as the situation between “The Main Attraction” Donny Idol and his former tag team partner and best friend Ricky Ruckus has escalated from best friends turning on each other to an all-out civil war within the locker room of EMERGE. This feud between Idol and Ruckus, which was supposed to culminate in the eight-man steel caged combat match at EMERGE Fireworks and Fisticuffs between Team Idol (Donny Idol, “Too Cool” T.J. Kemp, “The Midwest Mutt” Shawn Kemp, and Yukon Mike) and team Redrum (Ricky Ruckus, “IK3” Johnathan Wolf, “Proficient” Sage Philips, and Alister Wilde) has broken friendships, tag teams, and even family.  Although Team Idol did prevail, Ruckus abandoned his team once Donny Idol was able to jump from the top of the cage to insert himself into the match. As Ruckus distracted Donny from his team, Redrum fell apart at the hands of the three remaining members of Team Idol, who got the pin. By his team winning the caged combat match, Donny Idol was rewarded the opportunity by Commissioner Chris Lowe to pick a match of his choosing to face Ruckus one on one, getting the chance to end this once and for all.

After six months of keeping his involvement in the brutal attack on Donny Idol a secret and then choosing to hide in the darkest corners of the streets once he was revealed to be the attacker, what better way to ensure Ricky Ruckus doesn’t get away by challenging him to a match right up his alley?  At the conclusion of EMERGE Fisticuffs and Fireworks, Donny Idol challenged Ricky Ruckus to a no disqualification falls count anywhere street fight.

Nothing is off limits to both men and so much is on the line. Idol is just recently cleared by the medical staff of EMERGE to return to in-ring action after nine long months of recovery after the brutal neck injury inflicted by Ruckus. In a match where there are no disqualifications, there is no way for Idol to protect his neck from further damage. However, after months of built up rage towards Ruckus, Donny Idol is in perhaps the most dangerous mindset EMERGE has ever witnessed. If he is able to get his hands on Ricky Ruckus, Ruckus may get more than he bargained for.

On August 4th at EMERGE 35 Forever, Parkside Elementary will not be able to contain the contempt these men have for each other. As this brawl will be taken to the streets, the results of this street fight could change the course of EMERGE forever. Will Donny Idol finally be able to get revenge on Ricky Ruckus for the hell Ruckus has put him through or will the main attraction of EMERGE Wrestling be shut down for good?

Stay posted to the EMERGE Media outlets for an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Donny Idol conducted by our Head of Production, Casey Johnson from Power House Brewing.

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