Jeremy Hadley faces Kenneth James This Saturday | Hellfire Club Barred from Ringside




The original leader of the Hellfire Club, Jeremy Hadley, goes up against the new leader, Kenneth James, this Saturday at Parkside Elementary in Columbus, IN at EMERGE 22: BULLETPROOF.

Jeremy Hadley, who was responsible for recruiting former Hellfire Club members Cole Radrick and Sage Phillips, was in pursuit of bringing the youth of EMERGE Wrestling to the top of the company when he helped establish the Hellfire Club alongside his agent and EMERGE mainstay, Khristopher Ikon.
Unfortunately, at EMERGE 16, Jeremy Hadley lost a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match, leading to his termination from EMERGE. The remaining members of the Hellfire Club faced the Eastside Elite in the main event of Downtown Throwdown 2, but to no avail. Following Sage Philips’ ACL injury and Cole Radrick’s hiatus from EMERGE, Ikon left the young stars in the dust and sought to form a new, stronger Hellfire Club. Naming Kenneth James as the new leader of the Hellfire Club, Kristopher Ikon also added veterans Joey Moore & Johnny Stratlin to the group to replace the up and coming Radrick & Phillips. Seemingly, this was Hadley’s final straw.

It was no secret that EMERGE Commissioner Christopher Lowe was unhappy with Hadley’s firing, and Lowe had been seeking to bring him back. Hadley returned at EMERGE 20, turning on his former agent and delivering a strong message. According to Hadley, this is not a stronger Hellfire Club, but is on the opposite side of the fence with Ikon’s mentality of recruiting veteran enforcers to sway the power in the direction of the Hellfire Club, which, in Hadley’s words, is “taking away from the business.”


Hadley criticizes that Kristopher Ikon is only focused on loading up the Hellfire Club with veterans in an effort to chalk up more cheap wins to selfishly leverage his power and control behind the scenes in EMERGE Wrestling. Hadley is intent on stopping the current momentum and path that the Hellfire Club is on. He refuses to let Kenneth James achieve victory as the face of a movement that he helped spawn, thus the match was signed pitting the former leader and the current leader at odds. However, the Hellfire Club will NOT be involved.

In response to the past and current situation Commissioner Christopher Lowe has barred ALL members of the Hellfire Club from ringside to ensure a fair fight between the two. Even though he is barred from ringside it seems most people expect manager Kristopher Ikon to have something up his sleeve after the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Karma being tied up at EMERGE 21: BLOWBACK.


This Saturday night Jeremy Hadley has made the promise to the EMERGE faithful to ‘stomp out’ the Hellfire Club and put an end to Kristopher Ikon’s managerial career. Will Jeremy Hadley pull off the victory against ‘Conniving’ Kenneth James?


Find out this SATURDAY at:
Saturday June 3rd
Parkside Elementary | Columbus, IN
Tickets $10 | Doors 6p/Bell Time 7

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