Kyle Maverick wins EMERGE Championship Opportunity



Fireworks and Fisticuffs held many surprises for the fans of EMERGE, but perhaps no other surprise shocked everyone more than the return of “The Man Without Fear” Kyle Maverick after a ten-month absence. After capturing the EMERGE Outbreak Championship at EMERGE 24: Payoff and defeating former Outbreak Champion, “The Main Attraction” Donny Idol (who was savagely beaten down following the match), Maverick tragically broke his ankle, forcing him to relinquish the title. Per usual, controversy followed Maverick despite his injury.

Maverick was known to have heat with Idol, so many fans assumed that he orchestrated the beat down which left Donny Idol with a broken neck and unable to cash in a rematch clause. However, the hot-headed and charismatic Maverick was proven to not be associated with the attack and even visited Donny Idol numerous times while he was in the hospital.
Kyle Maverick returned to EMERGE Wrestling in the Red White and Bruise Battle Royal a changed man. Normally a rather bold and outspoken individual, Maverick quietly took in the scenery and was grateful for his opportunity to return during the battle royal, which he ended up winning, thus earning a shot at the EMERGE Heavyweight Championship against none other than the newly crowned champion, Scotty “Forever” Young.

Although Maverick was able to scrap his way through the rumble, many fans are concerned as to whether Maverick’s ankle is truly at 100%. In order to face Scotty Young, who is bound to exploit the weakness in Maverick’s ankle, Kyle Maverick must be fearless and completely healed in order to capture the EMERGE Championship. On August 4th at Parkside Elementary, will the man without fear put an abrupt end to the era of forever, or will Scotty Young be able to exploit Maverick’s weaknesses enough to successfully defend the EMERGE Championship?

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