EMERGE 24: PAYOFF Photo Gallery – 9/9/17




EMERGE 25 is SATURDAY October 7th! Tickets only $10. Check out the latest photos from our last show. Photo credits: Robert Starks-Bellamy – https://www.facebook.com/MousesWrestlingAdventures/

Luke Lawson vs. Aaron Anarchy

Trevor Court vs. Mark Vandy

Khris & Karma discuss Casket Match against Zodiak on 10/7

Jacob Johns w/ Niki Mariani vs. Justin Myers

Pretty Perfect vs. BAD – EMERGE Tag Team Championship

Scotty Young vs. Chris Silvio vs. Nate Wings

Sage Phillips, Cole Radrick & Jeremy Hadley vs. Joey Moore, Dave Davidson & Kenneth James – w/ Christopher Ikon & Johnny Stratlin

‘Poison’ Appollo Starr vs. Lennox Norris

Kyle Maverick vs. Donny Idol – EMERGE Outbreak Championship

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