Bret Havoc to Defend Highly Coveted EMERGE OUTBREAK Championship at EMERGE 33






Written by Nikki Campbell

Known for his flashy personality, high flying fighting style, and confidence to match, “Beautiful’ Bret Havoc has been a favorite of the EMERGE fan base since his debut appearance at EMERGE 3 Outbreak. Fittingly, ever since his debut in EMERGE, Havoc has had his sights on the EMERGE Outbreak Championship. Eight title shots, perhaps more shots than any EMERGE superstar has ever gotten towards any championship, and each time, Havoc routinely delivered stellar matches, but always seem to come up just short. After losing a triple threat title match between Bret Havoc, “The Flowin’ Samoan” Anthony Toatele, and Outbreak champion, “The Self-Proclaimed Original American” Lennox Norris at Emergence Day 3, Havoc began to question himself


However, at EMERGE 30: Revelations, a different Bret Havoc interrupted a match for the Number One Contender position for the Outbreak Championship between “The Freshest Prince” Percy Davis and “Sharpshooter” Luke Lawson. No flashy gear, no smiles, Bret Havoc had changed his entire persona with one goal in mind: to win the Outbreak Championship. He won the match against Percy Davis and Luke Lawson, earning a title shot against then EMERGE Outbreak Champion, Lennox Norris at EMERGE 31: Deception, with the stipulation that if he didn’t win the belt, he would never be able to try for the Outbreak Championship ever again.


Even with the crowd in Havoc’s corner, Lennox Norris recognized how vital this match was for Bret Havoc’s career. When Norris realized he was being bested by Havoc and his championship was in danger, Norris got desperate and hit Bret over the head with the Outbreak Championship belt, causing Bret Havoc to win by disqualification. A win, but Lennox Norris retained the Outbreak Championship.

EMERGE Commissioner, Chris Lowe recognized Lennox Norris’s devious plan and overrode the stipulation, granting Havoc one last title shot at EMERGE 32: Mayhem. If Lennox Norris were to use devious means to win the belt and get himself disqualified, Norris would lose the belt. If Havoc lost this time, it would truly be his last chance at the Outbreak Championship.


Falling short seven times, Bret Havoc was determined to stand victorious this final time. As he made his way to the ring at EMERGE 32: Mayhem, the fans were electric, cheering for the “Beautiful” one. He was intense, focused, and dangerous. However, he knew Lennox Norris would not give up that title without an all-out brawl. Even after Lennox was able to get in a couple cheap shots without the referee noticing, one with the infamous glove and the other with the belt once again, and even knocking out the referee, Bret Havoc was able to get the pin. Three long years of chasing the Outbreak Championship had come to fruition. He was able to stand victorious with the glimmering belt in his hands and tears in his eyes. He was now the EMERGE Outbreak Champion.

But with that honor, comes great responsibility to defend his title. Commissioner Lowe definitely believed in Havoc to get the job done, but now has booked his first title defense at EMERGE 33: Bring The Heat as a five man gauntlet match featuring strong talents at EMERGE such as “The Greatest Show On Earth” Trevor Court, “Warfare” Jeremy Hadley, the returning Outbreak 8 Tournament winner Mikey McFinnegan, and the former Outbreak Champion himself, Lennox Norris. No matter how much confidence Bret Havoc has, the odds are stacked against him. Will he be able to defend his hard-earned championship? Does he have the stamina to defeat four of the toughest competitors on the EMERGE roster?  Find out at EMERGE 33: Beat The Heat on June 2 at Parkside Elementary in Columbus,IN.                     TICKETS

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