Austin Fury: Cardboard OUTBREAK Champion?





Written by: Nikki Campbell

Since his EMERGE debut in the Outbreak 8 Tournament back in February of this year, “The Anarchist” Austin Fury has turned some heads, but not all for the right reasons. After losing the first-round match against Austin Tyler Morris in the Outbreak tournament, many fans thought they wouldn’t see much of Fury anytime soon. However, last month, EMERGE fans learned that Austin Fury not only believed he had won the tournament in February, but had also thought he had won the Outbreak Championship. He had crafted his own cardboard cutout of the belt and demanded to defend his “title”. Surprisingly, Commissioner Chris Lowe allowed for him to face “Poison” Appollo Star and in Fury’s mind, to defend his title.

Fury ended up losing to Star, however, Appollo Star didn’t feel the need to take Fury’s precious belt away from him and now Fury is back on the hunt to defend it. His next opponent? Austin Fury will be suffering from dejavu as he will be facing the man who knocked him out of the Outbreak Tournament, Austin Tyler Morris, “ATM”.

ATM is in need of a win. Currently on a losing streak after his loss to Trevor Court, many are wondering if his run as a singles competitor was a smart idea? Even against Austin Fury and his cardboard belt, ATM will have to outsmart the Anarchist of prove to not only himself but also to the fans of EMERGE that he is capable of winning. On June 2 he will get his opportunity to do just that and Austin Fury will get his opportunity to defend his cardboard belt. Will Austin Fury keep his “title” or will ATM rip that belt in two?

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