Dissension Among the Battle Beasts?






Since the advent of EMERGE wrestling onto the independent wrestling scene J.D. Mariani has been unquestionably the most dominant force in EMERGE Wrestling but since being moved to Tag Team competition as well as the monster Zodiak arriving to the scene some believe that there may be a new dominant force of the organization, the current EMERGE Champion Zodiak! This news is obviously rubbing former champ J.D. Mariani the wrong way.


Many have speculated that there appears to be some serious friction between the tag team partners Jacob Johns and J.D. Mariani, who make up Battle Beasts. Their manager, Niki Mariani, when questioned about this possible dissension flat out denied any hints at a breakup and ensured the two are unified and ready to take down anyone.


With the rumors and denials swirling, JD Mariani immediately showed up to the EMERGE offices after EMERGE 20 and demanded Commissioner Chris Lowe book him in a singles match for EMERGE 21: BLOWBACK for him to prove that he still is the dominant monster of EMERGE. The commish granted this requested pending that someone actually step up and fill the spot in the card.

“I didn’t think it was right to give someone such short notice to go up against a monster like JD Mariani. Takes some serious preparation against an opponent like that. Especially with the current mentality of JD right now.” said Commissioner Lowe when questioned about booking Mariani in a singles match.


As many of you heard on the EMERGE Livestream, this vacancy on the card has been filled by none other than newcomer Dakota Prodigy, who called in live when hearing about the opportunity. The competition appears to be quite a mismatch but something tells me that is not going to stop JD Mariani from attempting to prove his point and justifying why he still should be considered the most dominant force in EMERGE Wrestling today. 


As a fan of the Battle Beasts, here is hoping that this month’s break in tag team competition is exactly what Niki Mariani needs to regroup the monsters and set them on their path for EMERGE gold!


EMERGE 21: BLOWBACK will take place Saturday May 6th at Parkside Elementary in Columbus, IN! Doors open at 6pm and Bell time is 7pm! General Admission Tickets only $10!

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