Donny Idol & Ricky Ruckus were once best friends….





To many EMERGE fans, the names of “The Main Attraction” Donny Idol and Ricky Ruckus are synonymous with each other. After all, the pair are both from EMERGE’s home city of Columbus, had created a tag team dubbed “The Eastside Elite”, had tagged teamed at all three Downtown Throwdowns against the best tag teams in the division, and had become the faces of EMERGE. The story of Donny Idol and Ricky Ruckus was that of best friends sharing a passion together. However, that narrative took a drastic turn at EMERGE 24: Payoff.


While making his way to defend his Outbreak Championship against “The Man Without Fear” Kyle Maverick in the main event of EMERGE 24, Idol was attacked by a man in a mask. Obviously shaken, but not critically injured, Idol decided to still defend his title against Maverick and came up short, losing the Outbreak Championship. That’s when chaos broke out. The man in the mask was able to re-enter the building and savagely attack Donny Idol, even breaking his neck, before being chased out by Ricky Ruckus.

Months and months passed as EMERGE management, as well as Ricky Ruckus himself, tried to figure out how the masked man got into EMERGE and the identity of Donny’s attacker. Head of production at EMERGE, Casey Johnson, made it his personal mission to expose the attacker. Management battled with the attacker in a technical war. Feeds would get hacked with cryptic messages and lights would be knocked out during shows. Although many speculated the identity of the attacker, accusing names such as Kyle Maverick and “Too Cool” TJ Kemp, Donny healed with Ricky by his side. Many feared the attacker would never be discovered, until leading up to Emerge 30 Revelations when Ricky challenged TJ Kemp to a brawl with Donny Idol as the guest referee.


As the highly anticipated match was getting ready to begin, the lights at EMERGE went out. The video feed was hacked, and when the lights came back on, the ring was surrounded by three masked men who were later revealed to be Aleister Wilde, Chris Morrus of B.A.D, and Billy Mattern, who began attacking T.J and Donny, while Ricky joined in on the brawl. A best friend turning on another best friend, leaving the EMERGE fans absolutely stunned and well aware of the fact that Ricky’s new faction, RedRum, was deadly.

Even after the interview with Casey Johnson, so many questions still hang in the air. Can jealousy really lead to the level of savagery Ricky Ruckus has taken with his faction, RedRum? Donny continually demands his match against Ricky, but can Donny really handle not only this new Ricky Ruckus, but keep Redrum out of the match? Is anyone in the EMERGE locker room safe now that RedRum openly terrorizes EMERGE? Find out Saturday May 5th at Parkside Elementary in Columbus, IN. Doors open at 6pm / Bell Time 7pm. Tickets only $10 and available online now at

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