Mark Vandy’s path to Redemption





After a heated feud with “The Greatest Show On Earth” Trevor Court in the months leading to the celebration of EMERGE Wrestling’s third anniversary, on January 6th, 2018 at Emergence Day 3, Mark Vandy was prepared to do one of two things: walk away from EMERGE Wrestling as a winless man and never return, or smash Trevor Court through a table and earn his first win at EMERGE in over 15 months of being with the company. With the crowd clinging to the edge of their seats and chanting Vandy’s name, Mark Vandy plowed Trevor Court through a wooden table Court had set up himself, earning his place in the Emerge roster.

Ever since Emergence Day 3, Mark Vandy has been a changed man. Formerly a down-trodden, unconfident wrestler, Vandy had gained the confidence needed of an EMERGE superstar. Prior to EMERGE 31 Deception, Vandy issued an open challenge to the first man he had ever faced for EMERGE , “Poison” Appollo Starr. It only made sense. When Vandy burst onto the EMERGE scene, he debuted in an EMERGE Heavyweight title match against then-champion Appollo Starr. Many onlookers speculated that Commissioner Chris Lowe had overestimated Mark Vandy’s talent and placed him in a match that was over his head. After all, Starr is a high caliber veteran and seasoned champion. A year and a half later, Vandy knew that to face and win cleanly against Appollo Star would send a message loud and clear to management: Mark Vandy is here to take over.

Take-over is exactly what he did. While fans were torn between which star to cheer for, Mark Vandy and Appollo Starr delivered an exciting, yet highly technical match. With a handshake to start off, Mark Vandy took control early on, but Appollo Starr counteracted. Both men were forced to reach deep into their repertoire of moves to try and get the best of each other. Both men took to the air, both tried various submission moves, but in the end Mark Vandy prevailed.

With two impressive wins under his belt, one can only wonder what lies ahead in the future for Mark Vandy. Will we be seeing him in the title picture again? Who will be next in Mark Vandy’s journey of redemption?


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