Scotty Young to Challenge Khris Kaliber for EMERGE Championship TUESDAY!


Written by: Nikki Campbell

While he has become one of the most hated men in the EMERGE locker room, Scotty “Forever” Young has become a dominant force among EMERGE’s deep roster of superstars. From making it to the finals of the Outbreak 8 Tournament in March and narrowly losing to Mikey McFinnegan, to defeating “The Mastodon” J.D Marianni at EMERGE 34 and earning a shot at the EMERGE Heavyweight Championship at EMERGE: Fireworks and Fisticuffs, Young has barreled through every obstacle in his journey to stardom. However, at Fireworks and Fisticuffs, both Scotty Young and Khris Kaliber will experience some deja-vu.

Two months prior at EMERGE 33, both men squared off as Khris Kaliber defended his EMERGE Heavyweight Championship against Scotty Young. While the match pushed both men to their limits, Khris Kaliber’s experience under pressure worked to his advantage and he was able to wear Scotty Young down, eventually getting the pin.


After getting a taste of the title, Scotty Young has become more dominant, more conniving, and even more hungry for his own glory. At the grandest stage EMERGE has to offer, he will get his shot; a rematch that has the capability of going down in EMERGE history. On July 3rd at Harrison College as fireworks rise into the sky, whose hand will be raised in victory? Will EMERGE continue to be territory of the Workhorse, or will the EMERGE fan base be ushered into a new era of Forever?


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