Scotty Young Lays out OPEN CHALLENGE for EMERGE 36 THIS SATURDAY at Parkside





In the matter of two months after gaining the title, EMERGE Heavyweight Champion Scotty “Forever” Young has shaken up the entire atmosphere of the EMERGE locker room. Kicking off his first show as EMERGE Heavyweight Champion, Scotty Young was the special guest of the live edition of Saint’s Row and was welcomed to the ring with balloons and being the man of the segment. However, things went south as Saint called to the ring former Heavyweight Champion Khris Kaliber, who issued Scotty Young to a rematch. Young was smart and added the stipulation that if Kaliber lost, he would not be allowed to compete against Young again for the Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t a matter of beating Khris Kaliber cleanly, it was a matter of outlasting him.


As tensions were high, Scotty Young was able to use Khris Kaliber’s all-out anger against him in order to tip the advantage to Young. As he wore Kaliber down, in the end Scotty Young was victorious, keeping Khris Kaliber out of title contention. Now, the playing field is wide open for who could come after Scotty Young’s EMERGE Heavyweight Championship. The champion is hungry to showcase his power even more.


For EMERGE 36: FEARLESS, Scotty Young has opened a challenge to anyone that is not Khris Kaliber to go up against him for his EMERGE Heavyweight Title. Who will answer his challenge? As a fighting champion, has Young overestimated who might answer this challenge or will he be able to prove his dominance among the EMERGE locker room once again?

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