A Closer look at ‘Warfare’ Jeremy Hadley





 “Warfare” Jeremy Hadley is one of the most decorated superstars in the EMERGE locker room. During his time in EMERGE, he has captured almost every championship EMERGE has had to offer; the Outbreak Championship and the EMERGE Tag Team Championship, and now “Warfare” Jeremy Hadley is looking to add the EMERGE Heavyweight Championship to his collection. After appearing in the Red White and Bruise Battle Royal where he was able to make it to the final three competitors, Hadley has a taste for gold around his waist.


If Hadley were to capture the EMERGE Heavyweight Championship, he would be the first superstar to ever hold all three titles. But, this prestigious honor won’t be easy in attaining. Many men are vying for the EMERGE Heavyweight Championship sitting around Scotty “Forever” Young’s waist and each man is just as dangerous as the next.

Hadley is no stranger to adversity.  After the original Hellfire Club disbanded, Hadley developed a tag team with “Kinetic” Cole and ended up winning the EMERGE Tag Team Championship, which they held onto for six months.

Hadley is no stranger to the journey of becoming a champion. Time will tell if he will be able to capture this honor and cement himself deep into the history of EMERGE. Will his experience aide him in his pursuit or will the title allude his grasp?


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